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Oil Seals

Oil Seals also known as Shaft Seals and Grease Seals. Oil Seals helps in prevent lubricant and stop harmful contaminants from entering machinery between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment and all other assemblies in both rotary and axially moving shafts.

Oil Seals are used in every type of machine and vehicle in operation, gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders, Oil Seals prevent abrasives, corrosive moisture and other harmful contaminants from entering the equipment . Oil Seals consists of a Metal Ring, Rubber, Spring.

Fitco Oil Seals are designed to matched many original equipment or aftermarket applications. We specialize in supply of largest range of oil seals for industries including automotive , manufacturing, metal, cement, mining, oil and gas, power transmission, oil refineries, etc. We supply seals as per international standards include BS1399, DIN3760 in metal inserted Oil Seals and Metal cased Oil Seals with rubber lip .

Fitco is a leading supplier of Oil Seals, quality of oil seals to match OEM and after market for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications

Material of the Oil Seals depends on the application where oil seals is used ,commonly used material: Nitrile Rubber, Silicone Rubber, Viton Rubber

We are exporting after-market replacement Oil seals for the automotive industry for heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, bus ,trailers, tractors earth moving & construction equipments etc. which are widely used in Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, BPW, ROR Hendrickson, Fruehauf, SAF, Messy Ferguson, John Deere, New Holland, Cummins and Lister Petter etc.

Standard Shaft Oil Seals